Boss Architectural

Abby and Pride

Overview & Process

Boss Architectural’s Natural Cement Collection is made using a blend of pure, natural cements.  No colour pigments are added. This produces the clear, pure and neutral tonality evident in the material.

Ciment is designed to contrast naturally and honestly with an array of other materials, therefore providing ease of coordination and use.

Ciment, the Natural Cement Collection, is available in slabs and tiles and suitable for internal and external use, both floor and wall. The surface is highly durable and suitable for both low and high traffic areas in all commercial and residential areas.


Ciment, the Natural Cement Collection embodies the future of architectural material by combining meaningful innovation with thoughtful design.

Technical Information

We provide the only natural cementitious material in the conventional standard slab size of 3060 mm x 1440mm in a 20 mm thickness and the extra large slab size of 3300 mm x 1640 mm, also in the 20 mm thickness. And to complement these, tiles are available in a wide range of sizes, including in a large format. The material improves in strength with time and ages gracefully and with character. It is not affected by UV and will not fade.

Beside the simple aesthetics, the technical innovations behind Boss Architectural’s Ciment allows for dramatic decreases in electrical energy and water used in production by as much as 95% over existing technologies. Effluent waste in production and process has been virtually eliminated. This is made possible by the development of IP and production processes by Abbey and Pride.


Slab size and weight Standard size- 3060mm x 1440mm x 20mm (210kg)
Extra large- 3300mm x 1640mm x 20mm (258kg)
Floor and wall Tile Sizes All tiles available in 6mm, 10mm & 15mm
600mm x 300mm 900mm x 300mm
1200mm x 300mm 400mm x 400mm
800mm x 400mm 600mm x 600mm
Product handling Slabs to be trimmed and installed by stone fabricators using the same methods and practices available to natural stone and engineered stone
Edge profiles: all profiles possible
Sealing: material has low porosity. However, sealing is preferred. (Consult your stone fabricator or installer for options)
Slip Ratings Slip test complies with ASTM Static coefficient of friction tests